Out now: Aaron Karnov – Semantics

My new record is out now on brainstormlab for free download! It consists of layered improvisations using prepared guitar, percussion and computer and was made within a single day, including the artwork.

I really recommend using good speakers or headphones, the new studio microphone i got and the software used will cuddle your ears.

You can download the mp3s on brainstormlab.org or get it in high quality flac/wav on my bandcamp.

For our BSLive series we have a contribution from Freiburg based experimentalist, Aaron Karnov, which, rather than being a live recording, is more of a layered jam session of the self. Or as we see it, frozen sections of time reacting to eachother in cascades of sound crystalised on a single day. The presence of instruments and some of the percussion give an electro acoustic feel but don’t let that fool you. The EP is comprised of 3 conversations that are clearly part of the same discussion and make for a tense soundtrack for any occasion whether it’s a modern dance choreography or simply what you listen to as you stalk your victims in a hockey mask at night.