Musician from planet earth, interested in the tones between the notes and the noise between the stations. Psychonautic anarchist-communist sceptic, input addict, ragged engineer.


Born in 1990, raised in the province. Living in southern Germany in the area of Freiburg.

In 2006 or something i started to produce music, some time after i got into punkrock. It was great to discover how hard and noisy electronic instruments can sound. My earliy work was strongly influenced by the amazing stuff that came out on Digital Hardcore Recordings back in the 90s, still I’ve never really stayed within a single genre, instead i’ve always  tried to cross borders.

Together with a friend I founded the anarchist artist collective and netlabel CRACH RECORDS in 2007, which is still growing and evolving today.

The political, economic and social circumstances we live in and how they shape us has always been a central issue in my music.

I produce my music from scratch, i don’t use loops or presets (rare exceptions prove the rule). I also build my own experimental instruments which i use for production and live noise performances. Since a few years i’m also into DJing, especially hard & fast electronic dance music like drum and bass, darkstep and crossbreed. I played gigs in cities like Hamburg, Paris and Berlin and learned to love the underground club culture over the past few years.


“What most of us must be involved in––whether we teach or write, make films, write films, direct films, play music, act, whatever we do––has to not only make people feel good and inspired and at one with other people around them, but also has to educate a new generation to do this very modest thing: change the world.”

― Howard Zinn