Out now: Aaron Karnov – Semantics

My new record is out now on brainstormlab for free download! It consists of layered improvisations using prepared guitar, percussion and computer and was made within a single day, including the artwork.

I really recommend using good speakers or headphones, the new studio microphone i got and the software used will cuddle your ears.

You can download the mp3s on brainstormlab.org or get it in high quality flac/wav on my bandcamp.

For our BSLive series we have a contribution from Freiburg based experimentalist, Aaron Karnov, which, rather than being a live recording, is more of a layered jam session of the self. Or as we see it, frozen sections of time reacting to eachother in cascades of sound crystalised on a single day. The presence of instruments and some of the percussion give an electro acoustic feel but don’t let that fool you. The EP is comprised of 3 conversations that are clearly part of the same discussion and make for a tense soundtrack for any occasion whether it’s a modern dance choreography or simply what you listen to as you stalk your victims in a hockey mask at night.


New pseudonym.


I will still use the alter ego SIRKO DRIVE for my DnBish stuff, since this hasn’t much to do with the other stuff i’m doing, and ANTINOM is the name of my hiphop project (more about that soon).

Upcoming Gigs

05.01.2017 KTS Freiburg (DJ set)
13.01.2017 AKK Karlsruhe (DJ set + Thenokirch)
10.02.2017 White Rabbit Freiburg (DJ set)

New band: Thenokirch.

We started a noise/experimental band project called Thenokirch. Check out our music on bandcamp and soundcloud and follow us on facebook if you wish.

We are:
Knut Holtsträter (electric guitar and effects)
Grodock (electronics, electroacoustic instruments, more)
Me (electronics, electroacoustic instruments, more)

On April 5th we’ll be playing our first live show @ Atelier Martin Wernert in Trossingen (together with Bruital Orgasme, Georg Kästle and Herbsthauch). More to come.

Tomorrow: DJ set with Krytika @ Diesel’n’Dust 2015 (Freiburg)

Krytika and me will be blastin’ some heavy darkstep and crossbreed tracks at this year’s Diesel’n’Dust Festival in Freiburg (Wagenplatz Schattenparker) after the bands are finished. Come early if you like hardcore punk, crust and similar stuff.