Out now: SCREENBEAST – Electric Guitar Study 1 [CRRCS048]


Sirko Drive‘s noisy alter ego Screenbeast combined an electric guitar, some effect pedals and unorthodox playing techniques (involving knifes, magnets and screwdrivers) to create this experimental piece that tells all kinds of crazy stories. This release goes well with psychedelic drugs and closed eyelids.

DOWNLOAD: crachrecords.org/releases/SCREENBEAST_-_Electric_Guitar_Study_1.zip



Out now: DAMAGED MINDS – White Light EP [CRRCS046]


Damaged Minds just released his White Light EP on Crach! Including remixes by Subbase, Katritek, Tetzuo and Sirko Drive.

DOWNLOAD: http://crachrecords.org/releases/DAMAGED_MINDS_-_White_Light_EP__CRRCS046.zip
(320kbps MP3s, 100mb –– For downloads in higher or lower quality use the bandcamp page of the release)



New Music by Maria Terror + Indian Junglist, Sirko Drive and Damaged Minds….

>>> Maria Terror and Indian Junglist released an EP together with Snyde & Krieg on Battle Audio Records. You can download it for free here.

>>> Sirko Drive uploaded a work-in-progress-version of “Stopptaste”, which will be part of his upcoming radical hiphop release. More soon!


>>> Damaged Minds uploaded a preview version of “Confusion” featuring Entranced!


7th February: ErroR404 Dark&Drums III @ Catonium Hamburg

3 floors, 3 teams, 3 styles!

Floor 1: Darkpsy / Hi-tech by ErroR404 & Dark Prisma Records
Floor 2: Progressive Psychedelic Trance by LFP Music
Floor 3: Hard Drum & Bass / Darkstep / Crossbreed by CRACH RECORDS

Floor 1: Darkpsy / Hi-tech



Floor 2: Progressive Psychedelic Trance


> Live acts:

  • AZKA & RAJAN (live drummer) [LFP Music ° Berlin]
  • MALIGNE [Multiplex Records ° Mecklenburg-Vorpommern]
  • PARDAUZ [LFP Music | Multiplex Records ° Berlin]
  • TAKSHA [LFP Music ° Berlin]

> DJs:


Floor 3: Hard Drum & Bass / Darkstep / Crossbreed


  • SOAK [Subland / Subdivision ° Berlin]
  • KRÝTIKA [Crach Records ° Hamburg]
  • AVID AIL [Crach Records ° Hamburg]
  • SIRKO DRIVE [Crach Records ° Basel/Freiburg]
  • DAMAGED MINDS [Crach Records ° Dresden]
  • MARIA TERROR [Crach Records.Breakbeat Universe ° Göttingen]
  • INDIAN JUNGLIST [Crach Records.Breakbeat Universe ° Göttingen]
  • FUGLY [Crach Records.Breakbeat Universe ° Göttingen]