Out now: Tape 1 by Grodock

Grodock just released his new 11-piece album! Crossing the boundaries of noise, drone, ambient, fieldrecordings and even industrial, it’s at times warm and hypnotising, then again harsh and dark, beautifully arranged over the length of the release.

You can download the digital version for free or a price of your choice, or buy the cassette tape with inlay and poster limited to 50 pieces.


Out now: PyRRUs – ElePHANtes

New crazy shizzle: ElePHANtes by PyRRUs a.k.a. Junky Fish Cytoplasm! BrrrrrZZZZzzZrrrZz tTchhhHzZZzrrrrr!! Oh yes!


  1. Yafo
  2. Fake Transmission
  3. Mercurial Vapor
  4. Elephantes
  5. Pleophania
  6. Otrex
  7. Rau
  8. Edix
  9. Corr
  10. Druman
  11. Baumann Gorex

Download: http://crachrecords.org/releases/PyRRUs_-_ElePHANtes.zip