…aaaaand some more news:

…The First Seed released a Track on a rad compilation by Earth Defense Records! Check it out: https://earthdefenserecords.bandcamp.com/album/hyperdimensional-space-horror

…Junky Videoplasm did a Video for Venetian fuckin’ Snares! http://vimeo.com/78647118

…Indian Junglist released two free tracks on the Deathsoundbat Recordings netlabel! https://soundcloud.com/deathsoundbat-recordings/sets/va-edge-of-skulls-lp-dsblp007


27. September 2013: AVID AIL, MARIA TERROR, INDIAN JUNGLIST, FUGLY, NO AVERAGE & more @ Rote Flora Hamburg

Antifaschistische Prozesskostensoliparty in der Roten Flora Hamburg. Los gehts um 23 Uhr. Kommt zahlreich und bringt Feierlaune mit!

Floor 1: Techno/ Minimal:

Floor 2: Drum and Bass & Dubstep: