Founded in the small town of Schwäbisch Hell, Germany in 2008, Crach Records grew from a small collective of friends and artists who shared the same vision of free music for free people into an independent record label showcasing underground talent from around the world. We’ve been through our ups and downs and some artists have come and gone, but our concept, vision and our resolve has remained a constant.

We at CRACH RECORDS are proud to bring you 11 fresh tracks to celebrate 10 years of good vibes, good music, crazy parties around the globe and a whole fuckload of distortion.

Wishing everyone a happy new year. Bring on the next 10 years of Crach!

1. Subbase – Duloxetine 06:37
2. Indian Junglist – The Eye Of The Beholder 05:51
3. Syrinx – Execute 05:29
4. NoAverage – The T.TT.T.Tingler 04:13
5. Damaged Minds – Noise 05:56
6. Bandai Zuki – Code Fuxx You!! 03:36
7. Fugly – Die Garderobe 05:20
8. Tusk Mite & Stazma – Meth Mambo 03:21
9. Ultragore – Thieves (Terroremix) 05:01
10. W3IRDW3APON – Surreal Mindblow 03:36
11. Bassinfected – Alienation 06:29

Grab it for free or pay what you want from Bandcamp.



Out now: INDIAN JUNGLIST – The Mechanical Bride

2016 has been a great year for CRACH, many thanks to all of our supporters and artists for your support, and art. 2017 is looking FULL so you can expect a lot of banging new music coming your way and night of mayhem in a city near you.

To top off 2016 we have 1 last release: Indian Junglist delivers 4 tracks full of skulls, twisted beats and growling basses. An old school techstep vibe with fresh ideas, dark enough to fuel your nightmares.

Head over to bandcamp now and grab it for FREE. Wishing everyone a safe passage into 2017, stay tuned!



Out Now: Our 3rd Label Compilation!

CRACH RECORDS Label Compilation 3 - Artwork

Here it finally is. 20 tracks by 20 artists. From breakcore, drum&bass and digital hardcore to very experimental stuff. Free download as always. Have a listen in the player below and/or download it here: http://crachrecords.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/CRACH_RECORDS_Label_Compilation_3.zip


New Music by Maria Terror + Indian Junglist, Sirko Drive and Damaged Minds….

>>> Maria Terror and Indian Junglist released an EP together with Snyde & Krieg on Battle Audio Records. You can download it for free here.

>>> Sirko Drive uploaded a work-in-progress-version of “Stopptaste”, which will be part of his upcoming radical hiphop release. More soon!


>>> Damaged Minds uploaded a preview version of “Confusion” featuring Entranced!


7th February: ErroR404 Dark&Drums III @ Catonium Hamburg

3 floors, 3 teams, 3 styles!

Floor 1: Darkpsy / Hi-tech by ErroR404 & Dark Prisma Records
Floor 2: Progressive Psychedelic Trance by LFP Music
Floor 3: Hard Drum & Bass / Darkstep / Crossbreed by CRACH RECORDS

Floor 1: Darkpsy / Hi-tech



Floor 2: Progressive Psychedelic Trance


> Live acts:

  • AZKA & RAJAN (live drummer) [LFP Music ° Berlin]
  • MALIGNE [Multiplex Records ° Mecklenburg-Vorpommern]
  • PARDAUZ [LFP Music | Multiplex Records ° Berlin]
  • TAKSHA [LFP Music ° Berlin]

> DJs:


Floor 3: Hard Drum & Bass / Darkstep / Crossbreed


  • SOAK [Subland / Subdivision ° Berlin]
  • KRÝTIKA [Crach Records ° Hamburg]
  • AVID AIL [Crach Records ° Hamburg]
  • SIRKO DRIVE [Crach Records ° Basel/Freiburg]
  • DAMAGED MINDS [Crach Records ° Dresden]
  • MARIA TERROR [Crach Records.Breakbeat Universe ° Göttingen]
  • INDIAN JUNGLIST [Crach Records.Breakbeat Universe ° Göttingen]
  • FUGLY [Crach Records.Breakbeat Universe ° Göttingen]