27. September 2013: AVID AIL, MARIA TERROR, INDIAN JUNGLIST, FUGLY, NO AVERAGE & more @ Rote Flora Hamburg

Antifaschistische Prozesskostensoliparty in der Roten Flora Hamburg. Los gehts um 23 Uhr. Kommt zahlreich und bringt Feierlaune mit!

Floor 1: Techno/ Minimal:

Floor 2: Drum and Bass & Dubstep:


New member: FUGLY

We proudly hellcome a new DJ in da CRACH-House: FUGLY!

Fugly is Daniel Moull from Melbourne Australia, currently based in Göttingen and working as a DJ and promoter for Breakbeat Universe. Beginning as a classical pianist, Fugly’s interest quickly came to the darker, heavier side of music. After a few years of playing in metal/grunge bands he found a love of electronic music and promptly began DJing. Since then he has explored the darker side of many genres including psytrance, fidget house, drum & bass, dubstep and breakcore.

Since moving to Europe in 2006, Fugly has been involved in promoting underground music with many local crews and supported the likes of Aphrodite, The Panacea, Dirtyphonics, Enduser and Igorrr at parties and festivals in Austria, Germany, the UK, Thailand and Australia, as well as a couple of weekly residencies at hard rock/heavy metal venues.


Click here to listen to more of his mixes