Out Now: Our 3rd Label Compilation!

CRACH RECORDS Label Compilation 3 - Artwork

Here it finally is. 20 tracks by 20 artists. From breakcore, drum&bass and digital hardcore to very experimental stuff. Free download as always. Have a listen in the player below and/or download it here: http://crachrecords.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/CRACH_RECORDS_Label_Compilation_3.zip


Out now: DAMAGED MINDS – White Light EP [CRRCS046]


Damaged Minds just released his White Light EP on Crach! Including remixes by Subbase, Katritek, Tetzuo and Sirko Drive.

DOWNLOAD: http://crachrecords.org/releases/DAMAGED_MINDS_-_White_Light_EP__CRRCS046.zip
(320kbps MP3s, 100mb –– For downloads in higher or lower quality use the bandcamp page of the release)



New Music by Maria Terror + Indian Junglist, Sirko Drive and Damaged Minds….

>>> Maria Terror and Indian Junglist released an EP together with Snyde & Krieg on Battle Audio Records. You can download it for free here.

>>> Sirko Drive uploaded a work-in-progress-version of “Stopptaste”, which will be part of his upcoming radical hiphop release. More soon!


>>> Damaged Minds uploaded a preview version of “Confusion” featuring Entranced!