After a long hiatus our CRACHCAST series is back and badass as ever and who is better to get shit fired back up again than Mindocracy Recordings head honcho Ben Bussell aka THE MIND.

Load this shit down and play it LOUD until there is blood dripping from your speakers \m/

1. Hardlogik – The Last Tolay (Forthcoming Mindocracy)
2. The Mind – Bad Communication (Mindocracy)
3. Mister Chooch – Darkness Envelopes me (TBA)
4. Sinister Souls – Crystal Math( Switch Technique Remix) (Forthcoming Mindocracy)
5. The Mind Ft. Ogonek – Stay (Mindocracy)
6. Hardlogik – Guts (Forthcoming Mindocracy)
7. Mister Chooch – Hawaii Darkside (TBA)
8. The Mind – Malbolge (Forthcoming Section 😎
9. The Cenobites & Freqax – Anarchists Cookbook (Forthcoming Mindocracy)
10. The Mind Ft. The Cenobites – Monster In the Night (Mindocracy)
11. NOISECREW – The Hammer (Forthcoming Mindocracy)
12. The Mind – Song For the Dead (Mindocracy)
13. Shintuza – Angel Of Fire (Forthcoming Mindocracy)
14. The Cenobites & Jae Kennedy – Little Things (Forthcoming Mindocracy)
15. Opius – Dark Fossil (Forthcoming Mindocracy)
16. Hostage – Cypher (Mindocracy)
17. SUB SYSTEMS – Hadron (Mindocracy)
18. Psychoweapon – Hard Life (Forthcoming Mindocracy)
19. Mister Chooch – A Bag Of Dicks (TBA)




Founded in the small town of Schwäbisch Hell, Germany in 2008, Crach Records grew from a small collective of friends and artists who shared the same vision of free music for free people into an independent record label showcasing underground talent from around the world. We’ve been through our ups and downs and some artists have come and gone, but our concept, vision and our resolve has remained a constant.

We at CRACH RECORDS are proud to bring you 11 fresh tracks to celebrate 10 years of good vibes, good music, crazy parties around the globe and a whole fuckload of distortion.

Wishing everyone a happy new year. Bring on the next 10 years of Crach!

1. Subbase – Duloxetine 06:37
2. Indian Junglist – The Eye Of The Beholder 05:51
3. Syrinx – Execute 05:29
4. NoAverage – The T.TT.T.Tingler 04:13
5. Damaged Minds – Noise 05:56
6. Bandai Zuki – Code Fuxx You!! 03:36
7. Fugly – Die Garderobe 05:20
8. Tusk Mite & Stazma – Meth Mambo 03:21
9. Ultragore – Thieves (Terroremix) 05:01
10. W3IRDW3APON – Surreal Mindblow 03:36
11. Bassinfected – Alienation 06:29

Grab it for free or pay what you want from Bandcamp.



OUT NOW : Ulcerium – Rajim / My First Sacrifice

Crach Records is back with 2 brutal tunes from Tunisian born Hamburg based Ulcerium, delivering an onslaught of overdriven savage beats with enough filth to soil even your already pungent minds.

Head over to bandcamp and grab them for free or pay what you want.


OUT NOW : Crach Records Sample Pack #1

And it’s here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our first sample pack, with contributions from Stazma, Indian Junglist, Sirko Drive, Damaged Minds, Krytika and a lot of other mad motherfuckers featured on Crach – FREE for you to download and butcher whatever way you see fit.

Cover by Till Mantel & Sirko Drive

Cover by Till Mantel & Sirko Drive



Out now: LOGOSAMPHIA – Prince

We proudly present our full length album release by dutch breakcore/lofi legend LOGOSAMPHIA! Music says a lot more than some shitty words, so have a listen in the player below:


Get it: crach.bandcamp.com/album/prince

Click on “Buy Now” and enter “0” if you want to download this release for free. If you choose to pay something, the money will go to CRACH RECORDS, we will use it to pay for the costs of our homepage, print stickers we give away for free at events and so on. If you want to support the artist instead, go to logosamphia.bandcamp.com and download the release there, all the money will go directly to Logosamphia.


Thenokirch – The Great Exodus

Thenokirch is a project by Knut Holtsträter, Grodock and Aaron Karnov (Sirko Drive). They just released the updated version of their experimental live album “The Great Exodus”, including a third track and a new artwork. You can download it for free or pay a price of your choice.


Out now: Tape 1 by Grodock

Grodock just released his new 11-piece album! Crossing the boundaries of noise, drone, ambient, fieldrecordings and even industrial, it’s at times warm and hypnotising, then again harsh and dark, beautifully arranged over the length of the release.

You can download the digital version for free or a price of your choice, or buy the cassette tape with inlay and poster limited to 50 pieces.